Free Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools

There are numerous options available to research keywords online. If you are in the process of researching keyword possibilities, consider using this short collection of free keyword research tools to identify those with a high search volume and low search competition.

Research Tools

Here are nine free keyword research tools, each of which will return unique results for your keyword query. As you will see, every tool varies slightly in how it determines which keywords will be most effective.

SERPs Suggest

A free keyword research tool, SERPs Suggest will give you volume and CPC data on search terms related to your query.


This free keyword tool takes your query, adds a letter or a digit to it, then extracts relevant keyword suggestions from the results.

Keyword Discovery

Enter your core keyword into Keyword Discovery and have a list of up to 100 generic and long-tail keywords returned.

SEO Book

Boasting cool search features like fuzzy match, the SEO Book Keyword Tool offers daily search volumes by market for Google and other search engines.

Ninja SEO Tools

Ninja SEO Tools has a keyword suggestion tool that scrapes data from Google, Bing, Ask, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, and other search engines.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a beautiful research platform that takes advantage of autocomplete phrases on Google to generate up to 750 relevant keywords.

With the added feature of generating interrogative questions, as well as the ability to export keyword results, the free keyword research tool on is worth a look.


With more than a trillion keywords in their database, WordSteam will help you find profitable long-tail keyword suggestions. Your first 30 searches are free!


Identifying promising results by volume, competition, and KEI, Wordtracker will help you find profitable keywords in minutes.

Keywords for SEO

Healthy Competition

If you are in a highly competitive space, you may wish to consider taking a peek at the keywords driving traffic to your competitors. Here are two free keyword research tools designed to give you stronger insights into the target keywords most effective for your competition.


If you want to develop effective content and ad strategies, consider researching the keywords delivering results to your competitors. With data on more than 106 million keywords and 96 million domains, SEMrush is widely considered one of the best free keyword research tools.

SpyFu SEM Tools

Although SpyFu offers a number of paid services, a free search can still reveal the search marketing strategy used by your most successful competitors. This includes every keyword they’ve bought on Adwords and every ad variation in the past six years.

Keyword Research

Go Organic

Finally, one of the simplest free ways to generate keywords is to go right to the source. Both Google and Bing offer free keyword research tools.

You can also get a good sense of some promising keywords by taking a look at the search suggestions Google offers:

Most Delicious

Further, on every search results page, you will find related searches at the bottom. These can be very insightful when researching related keywords:

Related Searches

There are plenty of options available to generate relevant keywords for your website or ad campaign, and free keyword research tools can help you begin generating possibilities. Begin building a list of possible keywords, then whittle down your options to a selection of only the most relevant, focused keywords – those with a high search volume and low search competition.

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  1. Hey Brent,

    I’d appreciate your advice.
    I’ve been using SEMrush for quite some time and it’s a solid choice but updates rarely. So I switched to Serpstat because it’s rapidly growing both in functionality and bases.
    Can you suggest me similar tools that can compare URLss back to back like Serpstat does. (I’m not talking about domain vs. domain feature)


    • Hi George,

      Thanks for commenting on this older post of mine.

      Unfortunately, I don’t do much work with SEO these days — so I really have no new tools to recommend trying. I have, however, heard good things about Serpstat.

      Sorry I can’t be of any more assistance to you. Good luck!



  2. Hey Brent,

    Ubersuggest is my favorite and they have recently updated their site. These keyword suggestion tools help us to think about various topics and what our audience is searching on the internet.

    Thanks for sharing these tools with all of us.

    • Hi Yogesh,

      It’s been a while since I have dove into keyword tools in much detail. This was one of the very first posts I ever published on my blog back when I hadn’t really narrowed down my target audience much yet.

      Still, I’m glad you found this post helpful. Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the suggestion.



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