Make Big Money on Fiverr with Jaime Buckley

Make Big Money on Fiverr with Jaime Buckley

Better Freelancing Episode 024:

Make Big Money on Fiverr with Jaime Buckley

Here’s how to connect with Jaime…

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Episode 024 Takeaways

  1. Start out on Fiverr offering $5 gigs to gain 5-star reviews.
  2. As you gain positive reviews, increase your prices and introduce gig extras.
  3. Try to deliver more to clients than they expect.
  4. Be clear with clients upfront about your policy on revisions.
  5. You don’t have to be an expert — you just need to offer something useful.

Episode 024 Quotables

“It’s not a matter of you being the best. It’s a matter of you developing something that someone wants or what someone needs.”
— Jaime Buckley

“If you’re a brand new [seller] on [Fiverr], it’s hard. No one wants to be the first one in there. But once you get that first [buyer], it starts the ball rolling.”
— Jaime Buckley

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74 thoughts on “Make Big Money on Fiverr with Jaime Buckley

  1. Hey again Brent, and hello Jaime!

    Nice to see you here Jaime. I remember exactly when you started on Fiverr, and man did you get to the top fast.
    Congrats my dear and nice to see you after so long.

    You gave great tips for anyone wanting to start on Fiverr.


    • Hi Sylviane,

      Jaime is a gem, isn’t he?

      I’m certainly excited about his success, and he definitely knows how to keep clients happy.

      Thanks for checking out our interview. You have an awesome day, okay?


    • Hello Lovely =)

      Wow, how long has it been now, over a year since we’ve talked?

      It’s challenging when you strive to do all you can to stay a certain course and life kicks ya in the tenders, throws you down stairs and then steps on your hands as it walks by…but that pretty much sums up the past year when it comes to challenges!

      Fiverr is a great vehicle to do so many things–I’ve been blessed to have a talent I can offer that people find highly valuable.

      WONDERFUL to see you, Sylviane!! Hope life is good? Business growing?

      …as soon as I get my website up and live once again, I’ll stop by and chat some more on your own turf =)

      Have an AWESOME week, dear.


      • Sorry, you had some rough patches my friend, but you seem better now, I feel.

        When I saw your face on one of Brent’s interviews I couldn’t resist but check you out.

        No pressure, about coming over to my blog, don’t worry.

        Things are getting better and better business wise and life wise. I’ve been in Europe for the past year. Don’t feel like going back to the States just right now, so I’m staying another year.

        This past year I’ve been in Scotland, England, Irland and Spain so far. Now I’m in France, and I’ll be in Italy for 3 weeks this summer. I’m working my freelance writing and coaching businesses as I go. Just got 3 new clients for writing biz lately.

        Talk to you soon.


        • Oh I’m not worried about stopping by, dear….just miss you =)

          Just have to get my feet under myself–but yes, I’m doing a bit better. Found my niche and when my kids website crashed, it gave me an opportunity to make something far greater than I’ve ever made before.

          So it’s all good =)

          Yep, talk to you soon!

          ~ Jaime

  2. Hey Jaime,

    I love your story on how you get started. You can tell the entrepreneurial spirit was within you from an early age because you knew how the game worked. 😉

    I have to admit that I had some false beliefs on the Fiverr economy, but I guess I was wrong!

    One thing that I liked is that you said: “the fun thing is, when I find that maybe it’s not unreasonable what they are requesting, I’ll do that extra revision for them, and it’s always a favor in their mind”. That’s a great way to over deliver.

    Thanks for having Jaime on, Brent! I really enjoyed this interview.

    – Jasper

    • Hi Jasper,

      Jaime’s story sounds a bit like Gary Vaynerchuk’s, doesn’t it? Except Gary was hustling at the mall to sell baseball cards.

      I, too, like Jaime’s philosophy on over-delivering. It’s so much easier to rack up 5-star reviews on Fiverr when you deliver more to a buyer than she or he expected.

      Looking forward to publishing your upcoming guest post, Jasper! Have a great weekend,


      • Hey Brent,

        I absolutely agree. I definitely didn’t have that in me at such a young age 😉

        Yep, it’s a smart move for reviews and a true repeat customer creator!

        Look forward to it too, Brent 🙂 You have a great weekend as well,


    • Good morning, Jasper!

      Ya know what? I would actually say that there are 2 distinct economies or rather “factions” on Fiverr and I think Brent can back me here:

      1. Those who are serious about making it work and DO make it work for them, and;
      2. Those who can’t / won’t make it work and complain about it.

      You’ll find this mainly on the forums and community boards and places like YouTube…which you have to be careful when trying to do your research. Like anything else, you’ll quickly notice that those who bash or downplay–saying they know the ‘truth’ about something are the ones who can’t make it work (so it must be false) or can’t get it to work the way THEY want it to (insert same complaint here).

      Thing is, both sides are true.

      There are many people who make money on Fiverr. I’m certainly one of them, but there are MANY more who don’t.

      Thing is, I think they could if they would make minor adjustments and be consistent.

      You see, the most common trend you’ll see, and I’ve watched this for the past year–is people complaining that ‘nothing works, no matter how HARD I TRY’…and those folks have been working their gigs from 24hours to MAYbe 2 weeks. These are the same folks who don’t read the information people like myself post, or follow the basic principles of good business:

      A) Offer something people want and/or need,
      B) Do it in a timely manner,
      C) Under promise, Over deliver,
      D) Establish and build an ongoing relationship through service,
      E) BE NICE!!

      Setting all this aside, Jasper, this has been one of the best experiences of my professional career. It just keeps growing AND now if you look my name up on, you’ll find books starting to pop up with me as the illustrator, which has increased the sales of my own books! A completely unexpected bonus =)

      As for my entrepreneurial spirit, my father gets 100% credit for that. He was the guy who saved millions of $$$ in taxes for school teachers and janitors in CA by grouping doctors, dentists and lawyers to do major projects and letting the less wealthy people ride on their backs. My dad loves people and when I asked him why he did that, he said, “Because they make the world go round just like the rest of us and they deserve every benefit I can give them.”

      Have a great weekend, Jasper.


      • Hey Jaime,

        What an AMAZING reply. So much good stuff here, it’s like a mini blog post! 😉

        You really got into the mindset part there. I guess these things are all true for (online) business in the widest sense.

        We all carry many false beliefs with us and (either unconsciously or consciously) infect ourselves and others with them. I may or may not have been infected by the idea that Fiverr is a place for strictly low pay work. The truth is, the map is not the territory. Just because they couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

        That’s why it’s so cool that you showed us all that it CAN be done and that it’s possibly by applying proven but basic business principles. 🙂

        I’m glad this has been such a good ride for you, Jaime. These type of bonuses seem to happen when you truly take action and do the right thing, don’t they?

        Your father sounds like an inherently good man, Jaime. That really touched me. What a noble thing of him to do! People like your father make all the difference in this world. I take a deep bow for your father, sir.

        P.S. Thanks for connecting with me, Jaime! I really appreciate that.

        Have a great weekend,

        – Jasper

        • “We all carry many false beliefs with us and (either unconsciously or consciously) infect ourselves and others with them.”

          ^ I firmly believe that self-limiting beliefs are the single greatest detriment to most of us achieving our dreams. It’s attitude, not aptitude, that makes all the difference.

          • DANG it…I’m wrong…AGAIN!!

            I thought the single-greatest detriment to most of us achieving our dreams was eating too much ice cream late at night and putting yourself into a frozen coma.

            I’m good now, because Ben & Jerry (the evil duo) discontinued ‘Urban Jumble’ and messed with my frozen passion forEVER! (I’m a faithful over consumer for YEARS and then you pull the rug OUT FROM UNDER MY EMOTIONAL FEET? Thanks for NUTHIN, guys…)

            Wait……is that just me?

            (feeling kinda alone here now….)

          • You may be right about that. Self-limiting belief is actually the word I should have used because a false belief isn’t even necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s a supportive one. 😉

          • LOL @ Jaime, the sugar coma can be pretty devastating!

            I’ve never been big on ice cream or desserts…but if I do go to crazy on the sugar, the crash is pretty catastrophic, to say the least.

            R.I.P ‘Urban Jumble’ — I hope you’ll find another frozen love, soon. Ha!

  3. Hey Brent,

    Great interview with Jaime.

    Hey Jaime kudos to you for doing something many other freelancers wouldn’t do because they feel it’s too ‘beneath’ them. And that’s go the Fiverr route.

    Thing is if you’re a freelancer starting out and you’re not making money why turn down golden opportunities?

    Even though it’s $5 you can use that as a stepping stone to more contracts/jobs and get clients who’ll hire you outside of fiverr.

    People need to see the bigger picture and stop thinking they’re too good for it … honestly.

    Great stuff overall. Have a great rest of the week guys.

    – Andrew

    • “People need to see the bigger picture and stop thinking they’re too good for it … honestly.”

      ^ I think I’m going to get t-shirts made with this on it. It just might be my new slogan.

      Thanks for checking out my interview with Jaime, Andrew. Appreciated. Hope you’re doing well.



    • Hey Andrew–good to see you, buddy…been a while =)

      You know what? I think people are missing some important here…and unless I’m reading your comment wrong (and I apologize if I am), but I think you may be getting the wrong impression as well.

      Back to one of my points on this thread–and this is most people don’t truly notice the tagline, “STARTING at $5” which pull sin buyers and frightens away some sellers.

      I don’t sell ANYTHING for $5. Ever. Not anymore. The lowest service I provide is a rough draft pencil sketch of characters authors are trying to flesh out. These take me an average of 20-45 seconds to complete. Literally. Course, I’ve had 30 years experience in doing that–and as a street artist, I had to learn to be fast…but think about that on an hourly ‘wage’.

      That’s $1200 and hour. I’d make more than most lawyers…on FIVERR.

      My main gigs, drawing illustrations for authors, for $100-$200 per page, with an average of 20 pages per book. I take my time now, spreading the work over a month and taking on multiple jobs to make every day interesting for myself =)

      This is a very comfortable full-time living, ALL FROM FIVERR. So my point here is that there are industries on Fiverr that you won’t find at $5…ever…and so it’s important NOT to create limitations or have particular expectations on that platform.

      Do experiments instead–find your niche =)

      Hope you’re well, Andrew!


  4. Hello Brent Jones,

    Fiverr is something really fast when one wants to make money online.
    Thanks for the the detailed information.

    There some easy and quick steps, how one could make fast money through their sites.
    Something really great to add up some great list of clients straight away.

    Thanks for the share and letting us have the importance of Fiverr.

    Shantanu sinha

    • Hi Shantanu,

      Glad you found my interview with Jaime useful! Frankly, you really should thank him. Jaime is the one sharing his insights here. 🙂

      Thanks for checking out our interview and commenting, Shantanu. Have a productive week!


    • Hello Shantanu,

      Glad you found value in the interview. Fiverr really is a great resource if you’d like to make money from your skills…

      Have an awesome week!


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