Generate Hot Inbound Leads with Ariel Rule

Generate Hot Inbound Leads with Ariel Rule

Better Freelancing Episode 026:

Generate Hot Inbound Leads with Ariel Rule

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Episode 026 Takeaways

  1. A successful freelancer can offer services in more than one niche.
  2. Take constructive client feedback as an opportunity to learn.
  3. Gradually raise your rates as you win new clients.
  4. Build relationships with prospective clients before pitching.
  5. Tell everyone you know what you do.

Episode 026 Quotables

“The hardest thing about being a writer is that you bare your soul when you’re writing something, even if it’s something technical. You put a lot of energy and emotion into it.”
— Ariel Rule

“I can’t express enough how important it is to write quality content. Because that, for the most part, is your greeting card to a potential client.”
— Ariel Rule

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32 thoughts on “Generate Hot Inbound Leads with Ariel Rule

  1. HI Brent
    Nice to land on your website and I have a really great interview to watch here.
    Freelancing is really a great way to work in independence of taking decisions, working at your own terms and means. I am also freelancing for more than 5 months now and growing. THanks for sharing the tips.

    • Hi Vashishtha,

      Thanks for checking out my interview with Ariel!

      Better Freelancing is a series, so I encourage you to check out other episodes, as well. New episodes are generally published every other Monday.

      Glad to hear you’re off to a good start with freelancing. Keep it up! Let me know if I can help in any way.



    • Yes, totally. I love the flexibility that freelance work can afford you. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. And keep up the hard work 🙂 It pays off.

  2. Brent,

    Great interview with Ariel.

    I like the answer she gave regarding taking a lower paying work in order to build up your portfolio.

    I think that’s something a lot of freelancers still have issues with. But it’s something that everyone has to do — and accept at times. Taking a lower pay grade doesn’t mean you’ll be staying there forever.

    Love that line Ariel said, writing quality content on other people’s site is the greeting card to new, potential clients. So very true.

    Great interview through and through.

    – Andrew

    • Hello again, Andrew!

      Ariel speaks the truth.

      We all had to do that in the early days… grind out some of those lower paying jobs to open doors to bigger and better jobs down the road. It isn’t that new freelancers lack talent, but in many cases, they do lack evidence and experience.

      Well, if I may say so, you’re one of the best guest bloggers I know, Andrew. Have you started monetizing your writing skills yet…? A lot of sites will pay for writing of your caliber.



      • Hey Brent,

        I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently. Before I didn’t have much success with freelancing, but I know a lot more than I do now. Plus, I think I improved my style of writing.

        And seeing all of the great guests you interview, it REALLY has me think about it more. I spent a bit of the long weekend thinking about it.

        I may just explore that possibility again.

        Thanks for doing all you do with this site and freelancing.

        – Andrew

    • Thanks, Andrew :). I don’t really know of any service based business where you don’t start off small and with less pay and then use that to work your way up. It’s how my husband and I started another business that we grew to a six-figure business and it’s how I know a lot of other service based professionals start out.

      If you’re on the fence about freelancing, it’s a great thing to try out as a side hustle to just see how you like it. Brent is great and can definitely help you a bit on your journey.

  3. Hi Brent and Ariel,

    Great to meet Ariel after reading and enjoying her writing on the web. Good to hear her thoughts and insights on freelance writing too.
    You listed 5 great points and I love those Quotables too, just needed a little shortening to tweet 🙂

    Thanks both!
    – David

    • Hi David,

      I’ve often thought about adding click-to-tweet functionality for the quotables and takeaways when I do interviews, but I feel a bit like the format I use for Better Freelancing is already packing a lot of stuff onto one page.

      Thanks for the tip, though!

      Glad you enjoyed my interview with Ariel. She’s definitely a freelancer to emulate.

      Best wishes,


    • Thanks for the kind words, David! Always great to connect with more online entrepreneurs 🙂

  4. Hi Brent and Ariel,

    I love #3.

    Because I’ve raised rates steadily with all my services and products over the months.

    People pay money for products and services based on perceived value. Folks buy into posture. And if you’re aligned with your audience, by being authentic, they’ll dig your value and pay top dollar.

    Always an inside-out thing. Get clear on yourself, rate hikes and prospering follows.

    Thanks for the golden nuggets guys.

    Signing off from not at all sunny NJ.

    Blogging From Paradise

    • Hi there Ryan!

      Always a pleasure to hear from you.

      Thanks for checking out my interview with Ariel.

      I feel like I should have you on the show in the near future, because you’ve had plenty to say lately about getting our concept of value right from the inside out. It’s a great message, and one a lot of freelancers could benefit from.

      Then again, you’re also excellent at caring about your audience — which is another lesson some could benefit from. 🙂

      Hope you’re well, my friend.


    • I love what you say about perceived value, Ryan. I think many writers and online marketers forget how important perceived value is to increasing income and price points on products. If you can build a reputation with site admins or editors of being a writer that continually delivers good work, is pleasant to work with, is grounded in their various niches (and knows how to leverage social media), then it can be much easier to raise rates.

      I’m so glad you liked the interview!

  5. Hey Brent,

    Great interview. What I really got from this was be aware of whats working for you and don’t be afraid to shake up. As Ariel said we are not tied down to one niche. Build relationships and be prepared for the pitch. Have the work ready (pages to go) when moving into the business part of the discussion. But what really stood out was how Ariel was good at one on one and internet business, but expressed that groups was not her thing. Yet she is now a client of one of her clients to grow in this area. I love the idea of growing the group. Thanks for the great tips.


    • Hi Rachel,

      When I spoke with Ariel, I couldn’t help but observe how authentic she is. She certainly wasn’t afraid to outline both her strengths and weaknesses, her successes and failures. It was rather refreshing in a world where we all display our best selves online.

      I know when I was new to freelancing, I tried offering a number of different services to see what would stick… I think (hope) that’s normal!

      Hope you’re having an awesome week. Thanks for commenting, Rachel!


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Rachel. As you mentioned, group networking in a face-to-face setting isn’t my strong suit. Mostly because I tend to be a wallflower in crowds of people 😉 but I think it’s good to put ourselves in uncomfortable social situations and push to grow as people is we want our businesses to grow.

      My thought is to always be marketing 😀 worst thing anyone can say is no.

  6. Hello Brent,

    Nice to meet Ariel here on your blog 🙂 Hope she is doing great.

    Awesome interview you had with Brent. Indeed creating relationship is more important in this online world.
    No body knows you until you establish some healthy bonding with other bloggers.
    The relations we make, helps us to boost our online business and gives us a reputation in the community.

    Thanks for sharing this among us.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Keep Sharing 🙂

    Shantanu sinha

    • Hi Shantanu,

      I’ve often said that blogging is a contact sport. The more contacts we make, the more success we will have.

      I think a similar principle applies to freelancing. Sure, we can do it on our own, but it gets a lot easier when we have a network of other freelancers to work with.

      Thanks for checking out my interview with Ariel and leaving a comment. Have an awesome week!


    • So true. Contacts and solid relationships help so much more than many of us realize. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Hey, Ariel! Hi Brent!

    Great to meet you here on Brent’s blog. What a fantastic interview and inspirational to hear how you had the guts to gradually increase your rates to where you are now. It’s good to hear how much you emphasize on guest posting and exposure, I resonate with that.

    Like Amber, I also love that you mentioned building relationships before pitching. This takes off SO much pressure from pitching and it simply increases your chances of getting hired.

    I really enjoyed watching this. Thank you for sharing this with us Ariel and Brent, please keep these interviews coming!

    – Jasper

    • Hi Jasper,

      As they say, people buy from people they like and trust, don’t they?

      It’s a lot easier to make a sale when we’ve already put the time and effort into relationship building.

      Ariel is a great example of someone who continued to leverage her experience to command more lucrative jobs and better rates. A lot to be learned from her, that’s for sure!

      More interviews to come, my friend! Stay tuned. And thanks for commenting!


    • Hi Jasper,

      I was rather excited when Brent reached out to have me do the interview. There’s a lot of confusion out there about raising rates and getting better clients so I was happy to share what helped me 🙂

  8. Great tips, Ariel. Totally agree on putting your soul into your writing, no matter what it is. And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for telling people to create relationships FIRST before pitching to people! A-to-the-men!

    • Hi Amber,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Oh, God, yes… we have to build relationships first. Not sure why people online don’t understand that. I mean, we wouldn’t barge into a local networking event and just start screaming, “Buy my shit!”

      …wait, would we? 😉

      Have a great week, Amber!


    • You are welcome haha :). I think many writers that want to break into freelance writing read that you need to nail the pitch if you want to start making money as a writer. While a pitch is part of it, few read about or try out building a relationship first and then sending a pitch.

      l like using Linkedin, Twitter, and even Instagram to connect with companies, CEOs, and influencers. Getting my face in front of them constantly, engaging in conversation with them, and sharing their content helps build some brownie points before inquiring about work.

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