Charge What You're Worth with Brennan Dunn

Charge What You’re Worth with Brennan Dunn

Better Freelancing Episode 028:

Charge What You’re Worth with Brennan Dunn

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Episode 028 Takeaways

  1. Freelancing can be a flexible income opportunity for students.
  2. Sales experience is useful to any person building their own business.
  3. Clients don’t care about the work you’re doing — they care about the results you deliver.
  4. Price your project based on its value to your client rather than the hours it takes you to do it.
  5. If you increase your prices, you also need to increase the value of what you’re offering.

Episode 028 Quotables

“When you present yourself as an expense, it’s really always going to be a race to the bottom.”
— Brennan Dunn

“Unless you’re really, really confident in sales, unless you really have a developed pipeline that’s multiple months long, realize that having a team is going to be your biggest monthly expense that you probably ever encountered.”
Brennan Dunn

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21 thoughts on “Charge What You’re Worth with Brennan Dunn

  1. Hi Brennan and Brent,

    What a great interview! I learned many things and my wheels are spinning. When it comes to pricing…I had fell on my face in the past putting a low price on myself. Now I don’t.

    Doing freelance work is not an easy task. I agree…keep the price the same for your existing product for those who you are working with. I’ve done it with my other business and they appreciate it. When I do offer something new, they all pay the same price.

    The course sounds amazing.


    • Hi Donna,

      It’s music to my ears to hear a viewer say we got their wheels spinning. That’s excellent news.

      Thanks for watching, commenting, and sharing, and I wish you nothing but continued success!


  2. Hi Brent,

    Very nice of you for sharing it with us.

    Interview’s of great personalities teach a lot and also makes you realize the practical facts that may happen with you in future. The main point of any observation or practice is result, so one should must concentrate on what results you are going to get.

    The interview was awesome and there’s a lot to learn from there. As a new blogger I was aware of Better Freelancing episodes, I realized what I was missing by going through your post, from now will definite be in touch always.

    Thanks for the post.
    Have a nice day.

    ~ Harshwardhan

    • Hi Harshwardhan,

      I’m glad you’ve been digging Better Freelancing! New episodes (almost) every other Monday — schedule might get a bit wonky throughout the summer, though.

      Thank you for commenting,


  3. Hey Brent / Brennan

    I’m always inspired by how windy the path is. How Brennan started to where he is now. Gathering great experience as he went along. Apart of client meetings, learning what went into the sausage.

    What I took from the interview is to acknowledge the Freelancers position as an expense. Seeing it from this position, the sales pitch had best be an attractive package to offer. And hiring people is also an expense. Bringing in the dollars so the team gets paid. Great interview.


    • Thanks for watching, Rachel! And I’m so glad to hear that you were able to take away some value from our interview.

      That point stuck with me also. When our services are viewed as an expense rather than an investment, clients will almost always focus more heavily on price than on value… which is no good.

      We appreciate you commenting!


    • Thanks for watching, Robin! Head on over to Double Your Freelancing — Brennan has a ton of great content for freelancers.

      Have an awesome weekend,


  4. Hi Brent,
    Yet another wonderful interview.
    Yes, yet another amazing personality in the series!
    Thanks Brent for picking up such amazing ones every series!
    Great tips to follow or emulate from Brennan
    Thanks Brennan for sharing your expertise with Brent’s visitors.
    Wish you both a wonderful time of sharing and caring ahead.
    Best Brent!
    Keep sharing

    • We appreciate you watching, Phil! Thanks. And I hope you were able to take away some great ideas from this interview.

      Thank you for commenting.

      All the best,


  5. Hey Brennan, Hey Brent!

    Great interview. Very interesting story to me and I’m impressed with your success. 🙂

    When you present yourself as an expense, you certainly aren’t going to get paid well. Great advice.

    Even if we are just starting off and aren’t billing as much as experienced freelancers, this is essential.

    And as it turns out, it’s a surprisingly simple way to explain why you’re increasing your prices as well!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, both of you!

    – Jasper

    • Hi Jasper,

      I agree — when Brennan said that presenting yourself as an expense is a race to the bottom, that made so much sense to me. I suppose it’s something I always knew but never really thought to put into words. I may have to “borrow” that one going forward.

      Thanks for checking out our interview, Jasper.

      Chat soon, my friend.


  6. Thanks for the interview guys.

    Great that Brennan mentioned that ‘People pay for the results’.

    When you get better in your work, keep in mind how much time and effort it took you to the new point and rice your price as you can provide the better service. Tell your client what he/she can get now or offer an extra service, but don’t stop at where you are forever.

    • Hi Marina,

      Thanks for checking out our interview.

      That’s the thing — as long as your product or service continues to add more value for the client, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t ask for more compensation. I think Brennan is correct in saying that no one wants to hear it’s going to cost more money to get the exact same product or results.

      And clients most definitely do pay for results. The steps in between pale in comparison.

      Hope you’re well,


  7. Lots of value packed into a short amount of time! I started my freelance business after a few years in sales, and having that experience definitely helped tremendously. And I’m all about the project pricing – gotta cover your bases!

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting, Maddy!

      Yeah, I know my background in sales and business development helped a lot when I got started. I didn’t have a lot of “proof” or experience to show off in terms of social media management, but I wasn’t afraid to pitch and get into conversations with people. Helped tremendously.

      You’ve come a long way over the past year or so of freelancing — you should be proud!


    • Thanks Maddy! What I would do to encourage more developers, designers, etc… to 1) learn how to write persuasive copy and 2) acquire some basic sales skills 🙂

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