What Is a Roundup Blog Post?

What Is a Roundup Blog Post?

More likely than not, you have seen a roundup blog post before. It is the type of post that begins with,

  • 29 Gurus Reveal…
  • 37 Experts Share…
  • 32 Leaders Tell Us…

In other words, a roundup blog post is made up of responses from a number of industry experts – generally bloggers – to a question relevant to their area of expertise.

If you have never successfully published a roundup blog post, then this short guide should help.

I will walk you through why you should create one, why experts are willing to participate, how to craft your question, how to approach industry experts, and finally, how to put together the roundup blog post itself.

What’s in It for You?

Putting together expert roundup blog posts is one of the fastest ways to build your following, gain credibility, and drive traffic to your blog.

  • The experts, who have a larger following than you do, usually share the post when it is published.
  • You attract targeted followers to your blog and social media by leveraging their audience.
  • At no charge, you instantly have original and compelling content for your blog.
  • The presence of experts offering content to your blog builds your own credibility.
  • You begin networking and building relationships with other bloggers.

There are a slew of other reasons, but the main point is that a flawlessly executed roundup blog post featuring well-known experts can work miracles for your blog.

What’s in It for Them?

For the most part, you will find that experts in any niche are happy to participate in roundup blog posts. This is for a few simple reasons:

  1. It increases their online exposure.
  2. It establishes their authority as an expert.
  3. It results in a free backlink.

There are other reasons, as well. But these three tend to be the most common reasons an expert will take a few minutes to participate.

How to Craft Your Question

A good roundup blog post question should meet a few criteria:

  • It is highly relevant to your target audience.
  • It is short and simple to understand.
  • It is designed to elicit a focused response.

A great question would be,

What’s your single best source for identifying new blog topics?

If your target audience is other bloggers, the answer to this question would definitely be relevant. It is also straightforward and designed to generate a single, focused response.

In other words, both the expert and your target audience will like this question.

A lousy question would be,

What sorts of things do you like to blog about?

This question is not helpful to anyone. In fact, it is rather ambiguous, and could lead to a convoluted answer.

Approach Experts in Your Niche

A good rule of thumb is to put together a roundup blog post with answers from 30 or more experts.

Of course, you could publish a roundup with fewer than 30 responses, but for maximum efficacy, I would not go any lower than 20.

Whether through existing relationships with bloggers, a Google search, or social media, begin by compiling a list of 60 to 100+ experts in your niche.

This is important, as not every expert you identify will be willing to play ball, let alone be available to reply to you.

Remember that the term expert here really means that he or she has a significant audience – much larger than yours, ideally. It does not mean you need to recruit Mark Cuban or Gary Vaynerchuk for your roundup.

With your carefully crafted question in hand, reach out to each expert by email asking for a short response.

For best results, try to build a relationship with each expert before reaching out. In a perfect world, this would have been happening for the past few months. This could include regularly commenting on his or her blog, or by sharing his or her content on social media.

In other words, if the expert can at least identify you by name, he or she is more likely to reply to you.

As a final thought on this point, be sure to tell the expert by when you need his or her response. A good guideline would be within 5-7 days, if possible.

UPDATE / Apr-22-2015 / Bonus tip! I was contacted yesterday by Tor Refsland to participate in a roundup he is putting together on productivity tips. After answering his relevant, short, and focused question, he sent this is as a reply:

Thanks, Brent.

That is great!

Another quick question, Brent.

Do you have entrepreneurs in your network that you think might be interested in joining this expert roundup?

A million thanks,


Wow! This is a great idea.

After an expert replies to you, why not ask if he or she knows anyone else that may wish to participate? It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Writing Your Roundup Blog Post

So far as composing your roundup blog post goes, this is the easy part.

  1. Write a short introduction to the topic at hand.
  2. State outright the question you posed to the experts.
  3. List each expert as well as the answer he or she gave.
  4. Include a picture of each expert, along with a link to his or her website.

For a great example, take a look at 30 Experts Reveal Their #1 Tip for Blogging Growth published by Matt Banner.

Also, the title of your roundup blog post is very important. According to Quick Sprout,

You want to use keywords like, SEO experts, social media experts, blogging experts, fitness experts, whatever your blog is about.

For instance, let’s say your blog is about nutritional health for busy professionals. Perhaps your question was,

What’s the best breakfast food for an instant energy boost?

With that question, you might wish to consider a title like,

  • 29 Nutrition Gurus Reveal Their #1 Secret for an Instant Energy Boost
  • 37 Health Experts Share What’s Missing from Your Breakfast
  • 32 Dietary Leaders Tell Us How They Start Their Days

You get the idea.

Leverage search engine optimization and combine it with something that really grabs attention. This will be especially important as these experts help you to share your roundup blog post on social media.

What’s a Good Roundup Blog Post Question?

What’s a Good Roundup Blog Post Question?

I have every intention to publish my first roundup blog post in the near future. In fact, it will become a regular part of my posting strategy.

What questions would you like to see those experts answer?

Let me know with a comment below.

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  1. Mr. Jones,

    Good morning.

    First, I must admit that today is the first time I’ve come to know of a roundup post.
    Second, when I Googled it, I came upon your site.
    Third, I appreciate very much you’re writing. It is simple and direct to the point and it gave me a clear understanding of what a roundup up post.

    Now my problem is to know the “experts” in my niche – issues affecting the elderly.

    Most writers in this field are women. Men who write about this topic make their articles very clinical to put a 65+ or something to sleep.

    At any rate, I have to go back to the drawing board and approach my blogging from a different perspective.

    Again, thanks.


    • Hi Joseph,

      I’m glad Google led you to stumble upon this older post of mine!

      I guess you’re thinking of putting together your first roundup post then?

      Good luck and thanks for commenting,


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